Cretan culture, traditional cuisine and mountainous regions

from June 25 – July 9 , 2016

Travel aboard 49 foot sailboat equipped for a safe and comfortable journey.

Participation fee:
  • 790 Euros or 880 USD weekly/ per person
  • 1290 Euros or 1430 USD for 2 weeks/per person. (For 6 or 8 guest per boat) Price including: boat, skipper, marina fees, diesel taxes, insurances, provisions on board and dinner in selected taverns.

Previous sailing experience, as well as being physically fit are desired attributes but not required. For those who wish to learn, the skipper will offer some information on basic sailing maneuvers. Your skipper will also serve as your guide so that you can discover and visit places of interest. On those trips is important to come in open mind to make new friends and be part of a team.

General daily:
  • After breakfast, the daily departure will take place at the scheduled time.
  • Lunch on board during the sailing travel.
  • Crew will participate in sailing, as well as meal preparation and cleanliness on board.
  • For dinner the skipper always proposes one selected tavern included in the price.
Saturday 28/6: Athens: Alimos Marina, from 10 am onward embarks and organizes on sailboat at 13:00 depart for Poros (35 nm)
Sunday 29/6: Depart for Milos at 7:30 am (60nm)
Monday 30/6: Depart for Chania, Crete at 6:00 am (80nm) We will anchor in the old Venetian port. For dinner, the option to attending a traditional Cretan tavern, more commonly known as a "rakidio" will be offered.
Tuesday 1/7: Chania, Crete. Free day to tour the city, dinner in tavern
Wednesday 2/7: Depart for Paleochora south west of Crete 8:00 am (50 nm)
Thursday 3/7: Depart for Gavdos at 10:00 am (30nm) this is the most southern island of Europe. For lunch local Cretans specialty foods will be served
Friday 4/7: Depart for Paleochora at 14:00 PM (30 nm)
Saturday 5/7: Paleochora: Free day, dinner in tavern. Crew change
Sunday 6/7: This day is reserved for the possibility of the program being changed or delayed because of poor weather conditions
Monday 7/7: Depart for Gramvousa at 8:30 am. (32 nm) Uniquely beautiful, small and unpopulated island. Was once a refuge for pirates. On the most elevated part of this island are the ruins of a large fortress overlooking the sea. All meals on board
Tuesday 8/7: Depart for Kythira at 8:30 am. (48 nm) This is the island where the Greek goddess Aphrodite was born. Known as the island of the winds
Wednesday 9/7: Depart for Monemvasia along the east coast of the Peloponnese at 8:30 am (28 nm). Visit of the medieval castle-city and dinner
Thursday 10/7: Depart for Hydra at 8:30 am (40 nm) a picturesque island free of cars. From this small port, in 1821, numerous boats left to participate in the fight for the independence of Greece
Friday 11/7: Depart for Athens, Alimos Marina at 7:00 am (48 nm) once arrived, crew will organize and prepare for check out.
Saturday 12/7: Check out at 9:00 am. Please note, the programmed schedule may change due to unavoidable circumstances or poor weather conditions.
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